We Accept

All insurance claims & estimates.
Estimates written by comparable auto body & mechanical repair facilities.

No Estimates, REALLY?

If your insurance company partners with Universal Auto Body Repair Planning Program, You don't need an estimate.
Can you see the damage?
See the damage?
Not all damage is on the surface
Not all damage is on the surface


Free estimates.
A lifetime written warranty.
Deductible financing with low monthly payments!
No interest! No fees! No credit check!
Professional and affordable repairs.
Superior customer services
Towing services
Scheduling of rental vehicles
Computerized estimating software
Frame equipment with precision measuring system
State-of-the-art computerized paint mixing
100% satisfaction guarantee
How is it different from the old or traditional process?
Our revamped Repair Planning Process means fewer trips for the customer to the collision centers for accident damage repair. For insurance companies, it reduces their overall burden -- fewer inspections and fewer payments and paperwork to process. The old process was inefficient and experienced delays because of wasted steps.

What's the bottom line impact to the customer?
Fewer steps mean less time for all parties. It reduces repair time because we get the customer's car back to the owner quicker, which results in savings for the customer.

Is it true that customers don't need to get an estimate any longer?>
That is true if your insurance company partners with Repair Planning Program. Repair Planning Program allows us to identify all damage at the front end of the process vs the inherent delays caused by hidden damage that cannot be seen when beginning the process with a visual estimate. However, an estimator is still a key role within a collision repair center.

How does a customer participate in the new Repair Planning Process?
The customer doesn't need to do anything. We will automatically apply the process in every case possible. If the customer's insurance company participates in the Repair Planning Program, the process is expedited even more.

How does a customer know if his or her insurnace company participates in Repair Planning Program?
Just ask us. We'll have the answer at our fingertips.