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Terms and Conditions: Please review the following Customer Referral Reward Program requirements to determine if your referral registration meets the qualifications for this program and that you understand and agree to the following:

1. The referring customer must submit the Customer Referral Registration online and complete all required information fields accurately for the customer they are referring to Universal Auto Body Services. Referring customers will receive applicable rebates within 30 days once a qualifying repair order has been authorized by the referred customer for Universal Auto Body Services to complete repairs to their vehicle and payment in the form of a check written to the name and address of the referring customer.

2. To be eligible for the $50.00 instant rebate: (a) Person applying for the Customer Referral Rebate must be an existing customer of Universal Auto Body Services that has previously had work completed by Universal Auto Body services in the past and provide a legitimate Repair Order number as a reference. (b) The referred customer must be a first time customer of Universal Auto Body Services, with no existing estimates or repair orders prior to the date the customer referral registration was submitted. (c) The customer being referred must authorize Universal Auto Body Services to complete repairs to their vehicle within 60 days of the date the referral registration was submitted and must confirm the referring customers name in their paperwork when they arrive for services.